Monday, January 28, 2013


It’s been almost the end of the month of January. Yet to some, greeting happy New Year still counts until February enters the scene. Others are still up reviewing their new year’s resolutions while some are now in competition against themselves in their attempt to change unhealthy habits or to improve what has been started last year.
New Year’s resolutions have become something of a cultural joke, however they can serve a purpose – allowing us to focus and set priorities for a productive year. The goal is to make each year better than the last. That applies to nations as well as individuals.
Two weeks ago, group of bloggers, including myself realizes a dream that humbly begin through online talks. It really is fantastic when minds parallel to helping and sharing brainstormed an idea and let it happen. I, for one, had been very blessed to be part of the founding members of this group called “Pinoy Bloggers Outreach” popularly known in the blogger’s world as “PBO”. “Its vision is to take blogging experience into the next level by fulfilling a mission to share our heartfelt support to the less fortunate.”
The tagline itself calls for unified action. It needs unity through camaraderie. A man can accomplish a single act of kindness but through convergence of people with the same passion, devotion, and dedication to share a fraction of their time into a worthy cause can generate a much greater output.
And this was what happened on a sunny day of January 8, 2013 when the first PBO outreach program was born. Spearheaded by driven, proactive, and sunny personalities whose heart breathes out the same purpose – to see young and innocent children flash their genuine smiles in White Cross at San Juan. Indeed, it’s a start of something new.
To do such an act of kindness and to be selfless requires a committed heart. Social work and humanitarian advocacies aren’t an easy task to do. Yet these volunteers show the world that in their small yet collective efforts they can make a difference and be a difference to other people lives. It just a matter of wholeheartedly accepting the truth that their existence is not of their own but they are designed by God to be of person to others – to reach out and to lend a hand.
I shout out in boisterous voice my salute and gratitude to my co-volunteers of the first ever PBO Outreach Program. Listed below comprises the movers and shakers of this endeavor.
Joanne Del Rosario -
Zai Salonga -
Mario Verdan -
Arline Matulac -
Christian Dee -
Josh & R-jay -
Axl Guinto -
Mark Paulines -
Pao Kun -
Jun Benitez -
Sey David -
Rix Padin -
Erin -
and Non-Blogger Deo Pantin
What’s critical in this kind of effort is the funding. Without the financial support of people, a dream will remain a dream. An action is far from mobilization if it lacks the financial capacity to run with it. But worry not because Filipinos are born to be generous and selfless. If they see the sincerity and clarity of purpose, people flock in to share their help. The act of generosity multiplies and it reciprocates a thousand folds.
It is fitting to give our highest and accorded ‘THANK YOUS’ to those who believed in this work of charity. Those who never doubted to be one with us and to align with our purpose of touching people’s lives and be a helping hand to the less privileged individuals.
To our donors, we are so blessed that you have answered the call and accepted the challenge.
Grace Hanssen -
Ligaya Bugten -
Arvin Vicente -
Arline Matulac -
Mar Verdan -
Tal the Pinay Wanderer -
R-jay and Josh -
Yrel Ventura -
GLEN Corporation (the company where kuya Mar works) sponsored the clown, bandiritas, sound system, candies.
Mr. Fitz of - discounted price of shirts
Chicboy- discounted price of foods
Joanne del Rosario ( donated books
Zai Salongga ( donated goody bags
Josh ( donated toys
Time, talent, and treasure are potent factors in sharing, in giving a hand, and in making a difference. Absence of one doesn’t not mean you can’t be productive to the society where you thrive. It is only about recognizing where you’re good at and sharing it to other people. That alone is a difference. If only more people realize that they too have something to share, in a near future we can say that this world is a better place to live in.
PBOers, this is not the end but a beginning of a more challenging task ahead.  But if all of us will make headway on this matter, we can affect and effect a remarkable change.
Let us be challenged. Let us move forward towards a goal that brings inner fulfillment of the soul. It is in our collective positive actions and reactions that we can stir a movement towards sustainable change.


  1. Indeed it's a start of something worthy of joining. All the way to the moon and back PBO. You guys are doing a great and fulfilling job.

  2. It is such an honor to be part of PBO! :)

  3. dapat bukal sa puso pagtulong, pero for me mas inspiring pag marami ang nagtutulong tulong para makatulong ;-D

  4. thank you ladies and gentlemen!!! Mabuhay ang busilak na adhikain!!!

  5. sana next project isa na pangalan ko sa mga yan!
    Thumbs up pboers

  6. Isang karangalan ang mapasapi sa PBO. PBOers ROck! :D

  7. Go PBOers! See you sa next event! Let's do this!

  8. Kudos guys! You all rock! XD

  9. Your unified intentions and actions had made it all possible. Looking forward to a lot more outreach from your team :)

    1. Hope you can join us too. Mas marami mas masaya :)

    2. it would be my pleasure to be part of it.. keep me posted... i'll just ask senyor pala.. :D

    3. Yep yep ehehehe. see you po :)

  10. i hope i can join your outreach activities too :D

    1. you can naman po, pwede po kayo makipag-coordinate sa mga officer o kahit kaninong members. Visit nyo po yung page sa facebook para sa update, we need volunteers din po lalo na sa outreach mismo :)