Saturday, December 28, 2013

PBO's First Christmas Party

After a month of intense preparation, PBO held its first ever Christmas party last Sunday at Goldland Millenia Suites located in the heart of Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
The theme of the night.
The prizes for the raffle.
A sumptuous banquet.
Who doesn't want some cake?
We give our warmest thanks to these members for their undying support.
Beautiful ladies in red and black.
Senyor Iskwater being Senyor Iskwater.
While waiting for other attendees.
They arrived soon, one by one.
Contagious laughs and smiles.
It began at 5PM with Senyor Iskwater as the host. After having the party blessed with an inspirational prayer from Abbie, it was kickstarted by an icebreaker.
We couldn't agree more.
Marge couldn't accept the label.
Oh are you really, Rix?
Yes, he is.
Do you agree?
After the funny warm up, a video made by Cyron Agustin was played.
Thanks Cy! That was one hell of a cute video.
Time for games! The first one was organized by Zai and Joanne. It was called 'Minute to Win it!', though it wasn't really timed at all.
The first round: flipping bottles caps from the edge of the table into the paper cup situated in the middle.
Sounds easy, but it isn't.
The second round: bouncing off pencils into the paper cup.
This one is much more difficult.
The third round: rolling coins into the slits of a fork.
Crazy, right? But it's doable.
The final round: sucking chocolate candies using a plastic straw and dropping it in a paper cup.
An intense one on one battle of sucking and blowing.
And we have our champion, Mark Patatas!
Raffling off the minor items came next. The prizes were contributed by fellow bloggers.
A signed Mocha Girls poster from Axl.
Another from Axl: a copy of Gala magazine.
Burger King GC from Berylle.
Raffy got lucky getting Genskie's gift.
Mugs from Josh.
A flatiron from Jimmy.
Jojie got a pretty big one.
Cookies from Abbie.
Starbucks GC from Ms. Balut Manila.
A warm and cozy blanket from Rix.
Happy Lemon GC from Michy.
What else to do but have another exciting game? This time, it's Charades by Rix and Geosef.
Jimmy and Abbie taking a peek at their task.
Was it difficult, Caryl and Marge?
Otep and Nahnah's turn.
Senyor Iskwater and Zai doing the best they can.
The winners got the awesome PBO shirts!
After getting our brains fried, the major prizes were raffled off.
Glentot's book 'Unang Putok' was also invited in the party. This was Rix's second copy! He couldn't get enough of it.
It was clear on Michy's smile that she was happy with the book.
Now you have a copy of your own, Jojie!
Mark immediately started reading afterwards.
Otep was also one of the lucky winners.
Raffy and his new Milo singlet from Ms. Balut Manila.
Vanity kit from Zai.
Caryl also won a vanity kit.
As well as Axl.
SM GC for MJ
Almost everyone had been eying this all night. Arline, you are one lucky gal!
SM GC for Jimmy.
Glen and his SM GC.
Too bad for Senyor Iskwater, Abie got one of the biggest prizes instead of him.
What are you going to buy using your SM GC, Joanne?
When everyone was already settled and happy with what they received, Senyor Iskwater and Arline respectively ended the event with their closing remarks. We would like to show our gratitude to the people who made this possible, the sponsors and the ones who planned and organized everything. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much! It was an awesome night as unanimously agreed by all who attended. It was full of jokes and laughter, overflowing with good food, and each was rewarded with a great gift. The party was an absolute success to put it briefly. Next year's Christmas party is very much anticipated because of this. We only wish for time to pass by quickly.
A token was given at the end. Cool pin!
To cap off the night, here's a group photo of everyone:
From top to bottom, left to right: Rix, Kat, Raffy, Arvin, Caryl, Marge, Senyor Iskwater, Arline, Nahnah, Otep, MJ, Mark, Glenn, Jojie, Josh, and Karl.
See you in 2014!

***Credits to Zai and Axl for the incredible photographs.


  1. First. Haha
    Salamat sep. See u again. At sa susunod na xmas party ulit :) eto ang pinakamasayang xmas party ko sa taon na to. Hehe

  2. Mag-unahan daw ba. Lels. You are welcome. Next year na lang ulit. :3

  3. Mukang masayang event talaga ang naganaps ahh,
    too bad busy much si mecoy:P

  4. congratulations PBO!!! God bless :D

  5. It was indeed a fun night! Sayang wala kami sa group pic.. Hope to see you all sa 2014!

  6. Nice seeing you guys having fun:)

  7. Good Job guys! See you all sa Anniversary!

  8. ang cute lang ng mga pics hahaha.. congrats sa mga winners and hapie holiday PBOers!!

  9. Sobrang saya at init! (literally). It was nice to meet some of you there.

  10. too bad:( di ako naka attend opero bonggels ng party:)